05 February 2021
LiteManager 5.0 for Linux, Mac OS with inbuilt LM Server.

Control remotely your Linux and Mac, available remote screen and files modes.

14 January 2020
New version 4.9 + Linux client
Personal accounts for Viewers on NOIP. Audio-video chat in conference mode. Automatically import computers from a domain, LAN or NOIP.

07 June 2015
Litemanager remote support software
A new website design, there is online help, knowledgebase overview of solutions, instructions and documentation for the program. Supports Linux by Wine.

31 May 2015
LiteManager remote access tools
Free remote access over the Internet with IP or ID connection. QuickSupport mode works without installation for Windows. Demonstration and online Presentation.

File distribution and collection

File distribution window

File distribution window

Select the files for distribution to remote PC.

Specify the destination folder if it does not exist it will be created automatically.

Open a file on completion — open/run the file after copying it to the remote computer. 

Rewrite file if exists — allows you to overwrite the existing file with the same name on the remote computer.

File distribution — click this button if you want to start the distribution files.

File collection window.

File collection window.

Select the files to be collected from remote computers. (it must be active at least one connection in the list).

Specify a collect folder of files on your local computer, the files will be saved in separate subfolders by the names of the contacts.

Rewrite file if exists — it allows to overwrite files if they already exist in the collect folder.