05 January 2024
LiteManager 5.1 for Linux, Mac OS, Android with inbuilt LM Server and NOIP.
Control remotely your Linux and Mac, available remote screen and files modes. Android screen in view only mode.
Built-in NOIP for Linux.

05 August 2022
LiteManager update 5
NOIP authorization on LM Server. (NOIP as the central authorization server)
Managing LM Server settings on NOIP. (SSC NOIP)

21 October 2021
A new website design
Litemanager — remote support software

31 May 2015
LiteManager remote access tools
Free remote access over the Internet with IP or ID connection. QuickSupport mode works without installation for Windows. Demonstration and online Presentation.


When the main list is displayed as a map, you can arrange connections in any order relative to each other.

network Map

You can draw a line between connections by using Line to… command in the context menu of the connection,

draw the line

Then specify a connection, to which you want to draw a line.

Combine the two elements of the line

You can add an object on the map by using Add image command from the menu.

Add a new picture

Select a necessary image from the image gallery and click OK.


You can highlight map elements with a color. Select an object on the map and switch to edit mode in the main menu of the map or through the context menu.

Advice on

In the Map settings window under the Color of elements tab, check the Highlight elements with color checkbox and choose color of elements by clicking a desired color in the palette. You can also specify the color in the Element settings window that is opened when you select the element in the list.

color elements

Select a desired color and press OK.

choose a color

You can use an option Highlight only the frame with color. To highlight elements with color, press Set color of selected elements button.

Map elements are highlighted

Selected elements will be highlighted with a desired color.

The core layer

To change parameters of a connecting line, in the map edit mode, click a connection from which the line was drawn. In the Element settings window under Connecting lines tab you can see a list of connecting lines for this connections, where you can edit them.

Configuring Trunk

You can add a new layer in the Map settings window under Layer tab. Type the name of a new layer and press Add.

Create a layer

To move elements between layers, choose Move to layer command in the context menu of an element.

move layer

You can switch between layers by using Select layer command.

Select Layer

You can save a map in the form of an image by using Create a map snapshot command.

snapshot maps

The map will be saved in bmp format, which you can open and edit in any text editor.

Additional help information

Network topology map