05 January 2024
LiteManager 5.1 for Linux, Mac OS, Android with inbuilt LM Server and NOIP.
Control remotely your Linux and Mac, available remote screen and files modes. Android screen in view only mode.
Built-in NOIP for Linux.

05 August 2022
LiteManager update 5
NOIP authorization on LM Server. (NOIP as the central authorization server)
Managing LM Server settings on NOIP. (SSC NOIP)

21 October 2021
A new website design
Litemanager — remote support software

31 May 2015
LiteManager remote access tools
Free remote access over the Internet with IP or ID connection. QuickSupport mode works without installation for Windows. Demonstration and online Presentation.

The remote computer access via Internet with the help of LiteManager.

LiteManager is a program for remote computer control with a function of connection to the desktop, the file system, the system register, the processes and services of remote computer.

The special interest draws the function of the connection via ID, with the help of what you can control other computers without using an IP address. The connection via ID in LiteManager has an array of unique features simplifying the work in that mode. For example, ID for computer can be specified manually of ciphers and Roman letters. With the help of the option auto connection a remote computer will always be in touch and won't require additional actions from a user. 

Very often a system administrator has to administrate a few offices and company's departments located in different cities and regions of our country. To connect up to such computers, it is conveniently to use the mode connection via ID instead of usual connection via an IP address, because the Internet is provided by different providers who often use protective screen NAT, what doesn't allow direct access to a computer. 

The program LiteManager consists of the two main parts. They are Server which is to be installed on a remote computer and Viewer which is to be installed on an administrator's computer. Together with the program, the separate free application NOIP is provided. It serves to set your intracorporate ID connection server.
It won't bother you to install the program and set up a connection via ID even if you are the beginner. And if you have already worked with analogues everything will be simple and intuitively.

Having installed the Server module of the program, we connect it up via ID. It can be done through the context menu or in the settings of the program. In the options of connections via ID you can turn on auto connection or enter the address of your own personal NOIP. 

connections via ID
After the installation of the client module Viewer we open the window of a connection via ID through the main or the context menu and enter the ID of the remote computer to connected up.

After connection’s authorization we can start the remote computer control.

Remote computers control.
One of the main advantages of the connection via ID is a possibility of setting your own free ID server through which it will be possible to set all ID connections.
The full description of the program can be found on the official website of the program LiteManager — the remote computer control.