13 May 2017
Important security update LiteManager 4.8.3
Program updated to version 4.8.3, amended the authorization process for the Connection ID using the public NOIP. Connection by ID through common NOIP changed.

09 January 2017
LiteManager 4.8 and client for Mac OS and iOS
New Litemanager 4.8 via global chat jabber trough NOIP. New Teacher mode for testing and file distribution and collection.

LiteManager OSX client and iOS client.

07 June 2015 - remote support software
A new website design was created; help system, overview of solutions, instructions and documentation for the program are now available. Support Linux, Mac OS by Wine.

31 May 2015
LiteManager - remote access software
Remote access over the Internet without IP address with the use of ID. Remote desktop with support for Windows 10. Classroom management software free. Demonstration and online Presentation.

What is LiteManager

LiteManager — is a program for remote control of computers over the Internet and remote administration of computers in local and global networks. In the mode of remote access to the computer’s display, you can remotely control the desktop with your mouse and keyboard in the resizable window.

LiteManager offers fast and secure access to computers in real-time mode and supports reliable TCP/IP connections via local or global networks (LAN, WAN). Besides, LiteManager offers a set of easy-to-use and helpful utilities necessary for network administration, for example, utilities that allows you to access the computer's file system, manage services and processes, remotely launch programs, turn off a computer, capture sounds from a remote computer, lock a computer, remotely edit the registry as well as audio and video chat, inventory, screen recorder and much more.

LiteManager requires few system resources and other hardware means to operate. It also can be optimized for operation in low-speed networks (based on EDGE, GPRS) due to ability to work in economy mode. All data transferred over the network are compressed and encrypted using secure encryption algorithms.

The main window of Viewer

Main window of Viewer

Main components of the program:

  • Server — program component that is installed on the remote user's computer or the server (remote installation is possible).
  • Viewer — program component that is installed on the administrator's computer and used for controlling remote computers.
  • NOIP — is your own ID server for connection by ID.

Key features of the program:

  • High performance of the program when working in a local network or Internet.
  • Viewer is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7/8/10.
  • Server is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7/8/10.
  • Additional modes — file system management, remote task manager, remote registry editor, audio and video chat, power management, Wake on LAN and many others.
  • Remote program installation. Ability to run in the portable mode from removable media.
  • Ability to configure the program to operate in the network with complex topology by using «Connect by», «Callback connection», «Connect by ID» functions.
  • Multilingual user interface. Russian and English are default languages. It is also possible to add other languages.
  • All transferred data are encrypted and compressed using the most advanced technologies and protocols (2048-bit RSA signature key and 256-bit AES session key).
  • NoIP application is used to configure your server of ID connections. Private ID server.