Viewer locked


Viewer locked

Postby rheppert » 17 Apr 2014, 16:16

For some reason any changed made in a viewer session remain only for that session.
You can change server names, properties. Delete them. Add them and all work as intended
UNTIL you shut down and restart. Then all the server icons have returned to the way they were.

I've uninstalled the Viewer and reinstalled with the newest version, but all the old server info remains and can't be permanently changed.

If I install on another network PC, all is fine.
Windows SBS 2010 standard network with Windows 7 Pro PCs
Any clues on how to unlock or completely uninstall and start over?
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Re: Viewer locked

Postby admin » 21 Apr 2014, 11:09


For Viewer by default settings located in folder C:\ProgramData\LiteManager Files (Win7) in files connections_3.4.xml and config_3.xml. If you change settings or servers all change must be saved in this files (check permission on this files). But if you using a New Address book Viewer main Menu - Tools - Address book , you can add new address book with Read Only rights.

All settings are stored in registry keys, root
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