confused connection


confused connection

Postby hyipbc » 07 Oct 2012, 19:45

i used litemanager with some speed deficiencies but good, anyway i now just get some bad experience. ( i used connect by id remotely because modems we use cannot support port forward )

i just get connect / not connected for each user i add repetitively when i try to logon (or just select view only)
in some pc i do not certain it is online or not while i get connect and not connect at time, but is a pc that i run team viewer i see its connect and i can remote through team but i get not connect or connect ... repetitively at its logon! why is it happening?

( in the pc i run team, i just try times to update server remotely to hide the try icon option, but just the nd times it is succeed, is remote configure setup have bug so? )

can you please explain your connect by id mechanism?

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Re: confused connection

Postby admin » 08 Oct 2012, 11:47

Connect by ID use the Free intermediate NOIP. We can have some trouble with this NOIP because this NOIP provided by other Litemanager Users.
open connect by ID window and select Config, you can see NOIP list select any NOIP from the list

Thank you!
Best Regards LiteManagerTeam
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