Problem with reading symbols via remote terminal


Problem with reading symbols via remote terminal

Postby Adrien Angeldust » 13 Jun 2011, 14:26


I am having an issue with input in remote terminal using the LiteManager. The problem is that I have a .cmd file created localy on every PC to do some update from server with simple switch menu based on reading input value so i dont update everything but only some stuff. I like the remote terminal because it doesnt show anything on the server side so i am not interupting the work of the one working on it. The problem is that with remote terminal it only accepts only the first letter and not the other one.

Code: Select all
set /p answer=your choice:

IF /I "%answer%" =="1" goto :choice1
IF /I "%answer%" =="2" goto :choice2
IF /I "%answer%" =="3" goto :choice3
IF /I "%answer%" =="21" goto :choice21

The problem is when the value has two letters and more. It only accepts the first letter written. For example if I type choice 21 it does the same as choice 2, because it only reads the first letter. It works absolutely fine if this script is beign run localy, but if i use remote terminal its not working as inteded.

Any idea what could be wrong ?
Adrien Angeldust
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Re: Problem with reading symbols via remote terminal

Postby admin » 22 Jul 2011, 05:54


Try use symbols instead a digits.
Best Regards LiteManagerTeam
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