Error Code #1200 when trying to remote install


Error Code #1200 when trying to remote install

Postby chriss » 04 Apr 2019, 07:27


Im new to Lite Manager so please be gentle..

I have LM 4.8 and i've tried 4.9 with no sucess, i am trying to push out the install of the MSI file to a machine but i get an "error #1200, unable to connect to network drive".

I can RDP onto the machine without any issues.

I was wondering if anyone can shine a light on the error code for me please?

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Re: Error Code #1200 when trying to remote install

Postby admin » 04 Apr 2019, 07:37

Hi Chriss!
During remote install LM try connect to resource Admin$ , check it in remote system.
Use cmd.exe with net (net use, net share)

If You already have running LM server on remote PC and just want to update use LM Security in remote install window
Connection type: LiteManager security
Best Regards LiteManagerTeam
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