LM Viewer sometimes shows black screen until server restart


LM Viewer sometimes shows black screen until server restart

Postby solymosi » 09 Dec 2018, 01:35

Using LM-Server 4.8 (4886) and LM-Viewer 4.8 (4886). Local network connection, Windows 7, full control permissions and a multi-monitor setup.

Sometimes when I log into a PC remotely, first I get to the windows login desktop (that runs on the target PC) just fine, but after logging in the screen displayed by LM Viewer goes completely black and no input is possible. This, however, seems to only be limited to a single user who was already logged in at the time the remote connection was established. Logging in to a different user account works just fine. Also, when this issue happens, neither the "session selector" menu nor the "monitor selection" menu seems to work anymore in the client.

Going to the "users" tab of the LM Viewer task manager and disconnecting the session of the problematic user makes the login screen appear again in the viewer, but logging back into the account results in a black screen again. Also, weirdly enough, logging out the user entirely from the task manager and then logging in again as that same user triggers the black screen problem as well.

Another interesting detail is that when this black screen issue occurs, the message "Receiving data" does not appear when initiating a remote control session; every other time the message does appear.

These operations DO NOT solve the problem either:

- Disconnecting from and reconnecting to the target PC with LM Viewer
- Killing dwm.exe multiple times from the remote task manager, thereby forcing Aero to be turned off (i.e. the problem is likely not Aero-related)
- Having Aero turned off in the first place

The only action that fixes the issue is rebooting the machine or otherwise restarting the LM Server service (for example by triggering an LM server "update" to the same version).

The problem seems to be occurring after every 50-100th remote login, so it's not super annoying but it's rather problematic when it does happen. So far it has only occurred on a single PC with a multi-monitor setup, but other than that I have not yet been able to narrow down the list of possible root causes as it's happening so infrequently.
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Re: LM Viewer sometimes shows black screen until server rest

Postby admin » 11 Dec 2018, 08:45

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