NoIP Server online/offline iterration


NoIP Server online/offline iterration

Postby del8net » 27 Jul 2018, 15:03

After starting of LMNoIpServer in puiblic mode,
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I get for 10-15 seconds in "Advanced" window "Status: Online"
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and after this time Disconnect and he try to connect all the time.
I've tryied this on 2 different desktops machines and I'm not successful until not to run my Server Online in Public mode or to see my server in the public server list.
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Re: NoIP Server online/offline iterration

Postby admin » 28 Jul 2018, 07:06

Seems You don't have real IP address. (or Port 5649 is closed on modem/router)

Do not open NOIP for others users or check Your IP on NOIP, it must be available outside for other computers from Internet.

if You can speak russian, writing me on
Если можете писать по русски, это будет удобней:) пишите на русском сайте. Спасибо.
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