A few questions Auto login, Map.


A few questions Auto login, Map.

Postby floridaboz » 18 May 2022, 12:54

I may have more questions that i will do another post for, but wanted to get some information first, sorry if this is annoying

The first question is about automatically connecting.

I have auto-connect enabled on all servers, but after restarts and slight drops in connection for whatever reason. they disconnect, that happens, i know there is nothing that can be done about that part. But is there any way to make sure the servers connect back to the viewer automatically , without having to manually reconnect each time. Is there some sort of setting I did not see. I am using "connect by ID" I do not know if that makes a difference or not.

The next question is about saving the map view, i noticed after the program is completely shut down or when the computer restarts, that the map is not saved, is that by design, or is there a way to save it where it will be there every time when i open the program.

Thanks for the patients and understanding. I will have more questions i am sure, but those are the important ones i need to get out of the way first.

I love the program
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Re: A few questions Auto login, Map.

Postby admin » 27 May 2022, 10:46

I am using "connect by ID" I do not know if that makes a difference or not.

Auto login will work only for direct IP connection or Connection by ID through your own NOIP (ID router)
For default NOIP (LM Main NOIP) auto logon is disabled.

The Map view should work correctly.
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