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User IDs

Postby gelair » 05 Apr 2020, 05:58

We are a group of volunteer engineers and students working on an aircraft restoration project in Sydney Australia. The group has had to go into effective isolation because of Covid 19. We have been using a standalone PC at the restoration site but now wish to access it remotely to update files etc.
I have loaded LiteManager free onto the standalone PC and using it as the server. During the installation I received an ID number and generated a password for myself as a user .
I loaded LiteManager onto my PC and loaded the viewer OK. I successfully accessed the server using the given ID and password.All was well. My question is we have currently 5 other users who would want to access the server, do they use the same ID and password or can they use a different ID and password, if so how do you generate them? Also I doubt if all could access the server at the same time, can you confirm
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Re: User IDs

Postby admin » 05 Apr 2020, 14:08

Use the same ID and password for other users (Viewers).
Id it is just a simple text, you can change it by yourself on any other text. (better use numbers or english letters)

You can create several couples of username/passwords in security settings of LM Server ... _security/

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