Understanding NOIP server options

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Understanding NOIP server options

Postby ToddMiles » 31 Jan 2020, 18:42

So I have 2 separate LANs in different cities each with their own firewall. Our main office has our server farm and our main router.

If I understand this correctly we can purchase Litemanager for each PC we wish to connect to remotely on both local and remote LAN.

Then it gets a little foggy - so I configure a NOIP server on our LAN with a private IP Address 192.168.1 50 and use port forwarding on our router to send it to our private LAN IP
ie: 108.xxx.xxx.12:4925 ->

I then point all the LMServers to 108.xxx.xxx.12:4925 to register and LMviewers to 108.xxx.xxx.12:4925 to access by ID?

Please comment on this config and any holes in it. Thanks
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Re: Understanding NOIP server options

Postby admin » 01 Feb 2020, 09:06

Hello ToddMiles !
Everything you said is correct. It should works well.
LiteManager has 30 day trial, test it all.

I need more information, instructions you can find it here

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
Best Regards LiteManagerTeam
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