09 January 2017
LiteManager 4.8 and client for Mac OS and iOS
New Litemanager 4.8 via global chat jabber trough NOIP. New Teacher mode for testing and file distribution and collection.

LiteManager OSX client and iOS client.

07 June 2015 - remote support software
A new website design was created; help system, overview of solutions, instructions and documentation for the program are now available. Support Linux, Mac OS by Wine.

31 May 2015
LiteManager - remote access software
Remote access over the Internet without IP address with the use of ID. Remote desktop with support for Windows 10. Classroom management software free. Demonstration and online Presentation.

The remote desktop access in the Quick Support mode for technical support supplying.

The remote access in the quick support mode is suitable for providing help to novices. If necessary it is also suitable for a one-time remote desktop connection. It’s enough to download the server file and run it. The user doesn’t need to make any other actions. (in case of antivirus’ or firewall’s presence on the computer it’s essential to allow the program to work). The Viewer is also able to be launched with one file.

The technical support mode

In this mode the program can work without being set up. It’s enough to download a Server file or a Viewer file from the website via the link or to take it from a program installation archive.

Download EXE in ZIP

Download Server not require administrative rights

To connect up to the server it’s enough to enter the ID and the password specified in the support window. After the support window is closed, the program will finish its work. During the connection the notification windows of the connection to a desktop and file operations will be shown. They may be closed if necessary. 

File operations info.

In the item «Additional» you can find information about the computer IP address and set your personal password. The IP address can be used for a direct connection to the computer via IP.

The details of the quicksupport mode.

QuickSupport constructor for your custom QuickSupport module with the specified parameters, text and logo.